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As a prior English teacher, I love telling each of my couple's love story. Each story is unique and in a culmination of love and a little planning, the wedding day brings that love to life in front of family and friends. As a lover of heirlooms and legacies, it's a joy to be alongside each of my couples as they create memories that will last forever for their children and grandchildren!

I'm ali rae.

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3 ways to create heirloom-worthy images on your wedding day

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Wait…a pre-booking workflow? Yes, a pre-booking workflow. Before a client even books you, you need to have a system in place about how you respond to inquiries. Questions to ask yourself: Am I sending a pricing PDF? Am I sending a pricing link on my website? Am I sending pricing at all? How am I […]

The Importance of a Pre-Booking Workflow


September 29, 2020