Catie & Elliott | Married | A Blush & Ivory Rural Summer Wedding | Evergreen Country Club | Haymarket, Virginia

Catie and Elliott have an interesting story. When they first started dating, they sort of had a “forbidden love.” Elliott worked for Catie’s dad and they didn’t want him to find out they were dating. They couldn’t keep their relationship a secret for long though, because their connection was just too strong! During Catie’s father’s toast, though, it was so funny to hear his side of things—he really didn’t have any idea that a budding romance was happening right under his nose! Once he found out, he started the “A.B.E.” campaign—Anyone But Elliott! While it sounds like the family dynamic was off to a rocky start, their wedding day showed otherwise. The joining of these two families was rooted in love and it was so amazing to see two families become one.

You could tell that sentiment was important to both sides of this union. Catie carried her grandmother’s rosary around her bouquet; she wore her mother’s engagement ring as her something blue; her future mother-in-law’s pearls around her wrist. It is days like these that a piece of jewelry is made into an heirloom, and it is an honor to witness that happening.

While Caleb was gathering Elliott’s shoes, tie, watch, and other “details” as we call it, Elliott pulled Caleb aside to ask him if he could showcase a particular ring, one that dawned the Rushton family crest. He said he wanted it photographed as a surprise for his parents. How sweet! I love those small details that make a wedding day personal.

I know I’ve said this before, but the Virginia summers can be humid and relentless…how we got so lucky to have a tolerable heat index in the middle of August, I am not sure. I think that means that Catie and Elliott truly are soul mates and defeat all odds! This was a lot different weather than we had the last time we were together at their engagement session (which can be found here) that actually had to be rescheduled due to six inches of snow being on the ground! The mountains provided a breathtaking backdrop for them to commit their lives to one another.

Catie had warned me that she would likely not leave the dancefloor once the party started, so I made sure to grab her and Elliott right before the dancefloor opened up for some sunset portraits. We walked out of the reception hall, and I was leading them to the first portrait location. I overheard Elliott say, “Wow, this is the first time I’ve really gotten to take you all in. You are gorgeous. How did I get so lucky?” My heart melted…I love these moments. They are the reason I do what I do!

Once we returned to the reception, Catie held true to what she told me—I don’t think she left the dancefloor a single time once she got on it! The Anhalts and Rushtons threw one hell of a party. I am pretty sure every single person in attendance was on the dancefloor for at least one song! At the end of the night, we sent the new Mr. and Mrs. Rushton off to their honeymoon in Aruba by the light of sparklers.

Thank you all so much for including me and Caleb in your special day! It was an honor and a privilege!