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Establishing and maintaining a consistent brand is what will make your business appear professional, and, therefore, establish trust between you and potential clients.

The wedding industry is a saturated one—many of us have very similar skillsets. Many photographers can take beautiful, compositionally-sound images. Many planners can craft the perfect timeline. Many florists can create a breathtaking floral arrangement that matches the bride’s color palette. So what makes each of us different? Our personalities! And our personalities can be displayed through our brands.

The purpose of the Be Your Brand experience is to provide wedding professionals with imagery that is consistent within their brand, while also being current and applicable to the season (both the actual season, as well as the season of business you are in).

Each month we will be hosted by a different venue in the DMV. Just the locations alone have so many benefits! You will be able to use the venues for SEO purposes, geotagging, and you will gain knowledge of each venue. While you are there, you will be able to see the property and introduce yourself to venue staff…the possibilities to network with venue staff and the other vendors present are endless!


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– you struggle with having personal content for your social media, blog, and website.
– it’s difficult to create consistency within your brand and feed.
– you hesitate to show your face on your feed because you rock the messy bun/no makeup loo most days (no shame…literally me all.the.time).
– seasonal content is difficult to create and post.
– you would find it beneficial to visit wedding venues around the DMV and network with other wedding professionals.



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Morais Vineyards | Great Marsh Estate | Stone Tower Winery
Shadow Creek Winery | Early Mountain Vineyards
Tudor Place | The Drawing Room | The Refinery at 120
Barn at Willow Brook | Belle’s Pleasure | 48 Fields | King Family Vineyards
venues subject to change


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The Be Your Brand experience is offered in single, quarterly, or monthly sessions. As the frequency of the sessions increase, the price per session decreases. Please inquire here if you are interested in a complete pricing guide. Due to the in-depth nature of these sessions, only a select number of clients will be accepted each year!

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