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As a prior English teacher, I love telling each of my couple's love story. Each story is unique and in a culmination of love and a little planning, the wedding day brings that love to life in front of family and friends. As a lover of heirlooms and legacies, it's a joy to be alongside each of my couples as they create memories that will last forever for their children and grandchildren!

I'm ali rae.

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3 ways to create heirloom-worthy images on your wedding day

wedding resource


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Using real-life client experiences to perform a business analysis that can be used to implement new strategies into existing businesses.

Created Colorful | Business Analysis


April 18, 2023

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Office Organization

Launch by Jeff Walker explores his “Product Launch Formula” that is a strategy for online entrepreneurs to sell their products.

LAUNCH: A Book Review

March 28, 2023

bridal show booth

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Actionable pointers to make your first (and every) bridal show a success for your business. Bridal shows aren’t for bargain brides!

Bridal Show Marketing


January 24, 2023

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Office Organization

Let me first give you an overview of Marketing Made Simple. Miller must really love “frameworks” because he splits this book into an actionable framework as well. I am going to list the general pieces of the framework, along with a brief description of each piece.

Marketing Made Simple: A Review

November 15, 2022

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Marketing is an overwhelming topic, especially for small business owners. Companies have entire departments dedicated to marketing, but for us solopreneurs, that responsibility, which is the lifeblood of our business, is solely ours. There are some common strategies, but the viability of those strategies has fluctuated for me based off of where my business is geographically located.

Marketing Tactics Based on Geographic Location


September 20, 2022

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Alright, guys. It’s time for you to meet Kassie, the owner of Kassie Layne Photography and co-owner of K. Layne Solutions. Pay close attention to the name of her second business: K. Layne Solutions. Together, her and her best friend Claire, offer virtual assistance for creative entrepreneurs in the capacities of social media management, culling, […]

Reels Strategy with K. Layne Solutions

February 22, 2022

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As we all know, the Instagram algorithm changes constantly…but Later, one of the leading Instagram marketing apps, has published their predictions on how to keep up in 2021.

How to Keep Up with the Instagram Algorithm


March 9, 2021

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Let me set the scene for you: It’s 7pm. You just finished eating dinner and slouch into the couch after a long day, ready to watch some How to Get Away with Murder and mindlessly scroll through Instagram. Then you realize…you haven’t posted on your business Instagram today…or all week…and it’s looming over your head […]

How to Overcome Social Media Overwhelm

November 17, 2020

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The Photography Framework aims to equip new and newly established photographers with the knowledge and systems necessary to create efficient and profitable businesses and ultimately sustain a long-term business. The Photography Framework has broken down all the moving parts and logistics of a photography business start-up into ten consumable parts, or “frameworks.” Each of those […]

The Photography Framework: Explained


August 10, 2020

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At the start of a business, it seems a little ironic that you need to make money, but have no money to spend on marketing in order to advertise the services of the business… It can be frustrating and leave you back at square one when it comes to brainstorming marketing tactics. Fear no more! […]

4 FREE Marketing Tactics for the New Business Owner

May 11, 2020